Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jean-Philippe Patisserie - Viva Las Vegas

Do you remember when you were learning spelling in school?  The difference between their and there, too / two / to, affect and effect, its and it's, etc?  I learned all those the hard way, by getting them wrong on test, except for one special case.  Dessert and Dessert.  Dessert (as in the last course of a good meal) had a double "s" because you always wanted double.  And I always remembered that one.   

My first order of business when traveling somewhere is googling the local restaurants and more specifically googling the name of destination followed by the words "patisserie", "dessert", "chocolate", "pie", "bakery" etc.  There's a nothing like the comfort of going somewhere and knowing that your first and last meals of the day are covered, and quite possibly by the same place.  A croissant with a morning espresso and a miniature chocolate cake after a night on the town. 

Having gone to Las Vegas before and done the above research, I made sure to pay a visit to this very special place that is most certainly one of my dessert meccas. 

Tucked away inside the Bellagio, this place has it all - fresh baked brioche, croissants, decadent pastries, made to order crepes, gelato, chocolate gifts and goodies, etc., not to mention a chocolate "waterfall".  Not to spoil dinner by a gorgeous fruit tart or worse a triple chocolate decadent something, my friend and i decide to split a chocolate crepe with whipped cream, fudge, and brownie pieces. 
So as I sat there and waited impatiently for our crepe, listening to a trio of Italians at the next table over talk with their hands and take their espresso, not sure of what to expect of our later afternoon "snack".  And then it came....

Needless to say, dinner was partially spoiled and it was well worth it.  Who said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?  Dessert, in Sin City, is worth the same... if not more. 

Jean-Philippe Patisserie @ Bellagio


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